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Sustainability is at the heart of everything I do. For me, fashion should be about garments that have longevity, not a short life cycle, which is the current trend with fast fashion. I believe that our impact as a designer should be a key consideration within our design practices, so throughout the development of my work I have kept this at the forefront of my design processes.

There is a stigma around sustainable fashion, and through my designs I want to challenge this preconception. Why should something that is ecologically driven be lesser than something that does not consider its impacts?

I strive to eradicate waste and the negative impacts of my work, and one of the biggest, often disregarded, aspects of this is the fabric production. On average, it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce one cotton t-shirt. People underestimate the impact that clothes can have on the environment, especially with regards to textiles, so I want to prove that you can create beauty from up-cycling.

My Ethos

Awards & Achievements

Winner of the Vivienne Westwood Ethical Award at Graduate Fashion Week (2016)

Runner up in British Fashion Council Burberry Fashion Design Competition (2016)

Exhibited Collection and Portfolio at Graduate Fashion Week (June 2016

2nd place Net Impact’s ‘Visualising Sustainability’ Art Competition (2015)

Designed & created shop window for Corniche Edinburgh (Dec 2014)

Michael Kors Bag Design Competition finalist (2014-2015)

Contestant in Whistles Design Competition (2015)

Contestant in H&M Design Competition (2013)

Participated in the BUCS Deloitte Leadership Academy (2015)

Participating in the Edinburgh Award (2016)

Photo by Graduate Fashion Week: The Vivienne Westwood Ethical Award winner Fiona Cartmel with judges Tamsin Lejeune & Jennifer Thiel (2016)

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