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The purpose of my Graduate Collection was not only to be as sustainable as possible, but also to challenge unsustainable practices happening in the fashion industry. The aim was to be totally transparent about whether each element of a garment was or wasn’t wholly sustainable.

Waste within the fashion industry was the key focus for this project. I contacted hundreds of companies asking for them to send me anything they deemed as waste; damaged fabrics, offcuts, selvedge edge from manufacture and broken plastic garment bags. I then regenerated these through smocking them, creating textural, interesting materials. The use of this waste not only enabled my fabrics to have a positive affect on the environment, but also exposes the fact that so much beautiful and very usable fabrics are discarded by the industry.

Through the use of a very craft like and time intensive process like smocking, I want to encourage customers to see these pieces as investments and for them to have longevity.

Graduate Collection

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